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anglophobe n : a person who hates England and everything English

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Anglus "English" + (phobos) "fear"


  1. One who fears or hates the English or British.


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one who hates or fears English or British
  • Croatian: anglofob

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Anglophobia (from Latin Anglus "English" + Ancient Greek φόβος -phobos, "fear") is a hatred or fear of the English or English culture; its antonym is Anglophilia.

Canada and the Province of Quebec

The Canadian Province of Quebec and it's majority-francophone population has had a long history of anglophobia. Current laws have been in place since the 1970s to limit the visibility of English on signs and limits the access to elementary and secondary english schools.

United States

The word Anglophobia originates from the eighteenth century. Thomas Jefferson used the word in a letter to James Madison dated May 13th 1793. He wrote:
The Anglophobia has seized violently on three members of our council.....Anglophobia, secret anti-gallomany, a federalisme outré, and a present ease in his circumstances not usual, have decided the complexion of our dispositions, and our proceedings towards the conspirators against human liberty, and the asserters of it, which is unjustifiable in principle, in interest, and in respect to the wishes of our constituents.
During the period of alliance between Britain and the United States, anglophobia took another form. Fleet Admiral Ernest King had been noted for his anglophobic views which affected his decision making during the "Second happy time" (in the Battle of the Atlantic (1939-1945)).


The "perfidious Albion" expression is still used by French journalists to mock the Francophobe sentiments of the British tabloids, e.g. the accusation that France cheated to win the World Cup 1998, or the accusation that the French beauty pageant contestant Élodie Gossuin is a transsexual.


A study by Hussain and Millar of the Department of Politics at the University of Glasgow examined the prevalence of Anglophobia in relation to Islamophobia in Scotland. One finding of the report suggested that national ‘phobias’ have common routes independent of the nations they are directed toward. The study states that:
Scottish identity comes close to rivalling low levels of education as an influence towards Anglophobia. Beyond that, having an English friend reduces Anglophobia by about as much as having a Muslim friend reduces Islamophobia. And lack of knowledge about Islam probably indicates a broader rejection of the ‘other’, for it has as much impact on Anglophobia as on Islamophobia.


'Pom' is a common Australian slang word for Englishman, often combined with 'whing[e]ing' (complaining) to make the expression 'whingeing pom' - an English immigrant who stereotypically complains about everything in Australia. In 2007 a complaint to Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau about a television commercial using the term 'Pom' was upheld and the commercial was withdrawn.


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